Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Weighty" Happenings

Well...Things are changing all the time in my life... and yet again something else is changing... ITS ME... I am almost 50 lbs lighter... I weighed in this morning and have shrunk another 4 lbs..Doing the raw foods diet... It is hard but going to be well worth it.. I know I can't believe I am going to admit it, but I was almost 300 lbs... How sick is that... I am 2.5 lbs from being a total of 50 lbs lighter... I dont have any clue how I got to that morbid point but... I am going to fight to get this weight off... I'm doing it to live... I'm doing it for my kids... I doing it for my husband... AND most importantly I am doing it for ME!!!! My ideal body weight is about 145... so I have a little over a 100 more pounds to go... And what makes me even prouder is well my daughter is getting in on the weight loss and her first week is going great she is down 2.6 lbs... she is rocking.. she has taking after her mom and go figure she can look at something fatty and it might as well be smeared across her butt... I dont want her looking or feeling like I do... I am proud of her for putting in the effort to get the weight off... she needs to loose about 50 lbs.. and I dam skippy know she can do it.

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